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A week in Alaska

I spent the last week up at our cabin, (still odd thinking of it that way, it still feels like Dad's cabin), getting some chores done and finally finishing the probate paperwork with the lawyers in town. The quick summary is that it was a relatively quiet time of reading and fix-it jobs and visiting with people in the valley. A more detailed description is found in the cut.

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Interröbang Cartel - Go Past Inflatable Wumbles

After finishing up songs for the Tribute Album I went back to work on the tracks for Bad Coelacanth. The latest track I have finished is Go Past Inflatable Wumbles the last track of Part 1.

This is one of the stranger collections of song titles and lyrics and for IBC that is saying a lot. The links above provide information about the album as well as the songs.

Here is a link to the actual MP3

While the "lyrics" if one can call them that are challenging in many ways, I am quite happy with the music. There is a nice groove to the rhythm section and some rocking guitar parts. I am also happy with the Wumble sounds which I created.
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Interröbang Cartel - Tribute Album Song work

There has been a big push to finish the IBC tribute album.

Queen's Blue Peter Badge was on my list for a long time but I was stuck on a number of things. For some reason this weekend I had a break-through. I sped up the meter a bit and was able to finish integrating the original theme song into the bridge. Somehow it all came together in form that I am happy with.

The link is here.

Major Zed and I have been collaborating on Monkey Origami. Still a bit more work to do, but progress is being made. I think we can really finish the album this year and prevent the time paradox that would potentially destabilize the entire universe. That is a lot of responsibility, and I hope everyone appreciates the work we are doing. And you thought a bad economy was the real issue of the day.

This post somehow got stuck in draft mode and never posted so I am posting it now. 1/29/2009
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I must have hit things just right, as there was no one else in line at the voting station.
Apparently things were quite busy this morning. Now we sit back and wait for the results.
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Home Studio 7 upgrade

Home Studio 7 upgrade arrived today.

I just finished installing both DVD's of software and goodies.

The UI is once again revised so I have to learn things again, however it looks like the changes are improvements for the most part of version 6. Particularly getting to track options is simplified I think. All of my old instruments from 6 were picked up in the scan when the program started so I am very happy about that. I brought my current project Queen's Blue Peter Badge and it had no trouble.

One immediate new feature is a set of instruments named Studio Instruments. This includes SI Bass, SI Drums, SI Strings and SI Electric Piano. I was not entirely happy with the DSK bass sounds. They were pretty good but not great. The SI Bass is great. It has many different sounds and configurations that can be pulled in, and in the tool window it provides a variety of music samples to listen to the patch to see if it sounds like what you are looking for.

Right away I found a bass tone that I liked.

The SI Strings are also quite good. Lots of variety and pretty realistic. Looks like I can have some serious fun with this stuff.
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Grrr, arg...

The FIOS router is misbehaving. All cabled ethernet ports are not working. However at least the wireless still works, (otherwise I would not be posting this). The router lacks any significant diagnostics. The diagnostics page basically allows a ping of an external site. Mostly useless.
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New IBC Song Entry

It has been a while since I worked on any songs. Kind of a musical writer's block I think.

A typical kibology discussion resulted in lyrics and I liked the title. This one fell together pretty quickly (about 2 days of work). I think I got a pretty good ZZ-Top sort of sound to it.

Too Drunk To Fsck

Please enjoy...
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Expanding the Blogosphere

Some other people have been exploring other forms of blogging.
For me LJ has mostly been a way to link to the Interrobang Cartel group, and stay up to date on musical developments. However much of the discussion has moved to a site specific forum. (This is part of a long term project to re-vamp the IBC web-site).

The remainder of my posts typically are related to either music or travel. I think since there is no main intended focus to the posts I often consider many topics not relavent (or probably boring to most people).

Since I already have my own web site and domain dedicated to the Spaceroom Project, I have taken advantage of's downloadable package and have setup a Spaceroom Blog. related to the development of the project.

It took about half and hour to setup and worked right out of the box. I haven't enabled comments yet. I am still pondering whether I am interested in them in that context. I like the specific focus though since it is clearly about Spaceroom stuff.
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